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Fictional Garden: TAIWAN HOUSE

TDRI ✕ Plan b ✕ Double-Grass
2021.10.02 (Sat) - 10.17 (Sun) 11:00-19:00 GMT+9
GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi, 1F Shinkokusai Bd.
3-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
What Cultural Contents Are in the Unique Style & Charm of “Taiwanese Design"?
“Flower” is employed in the exhibition as the symbol for the friendship in the Taiwan-Japan exchange. New works made of sustainable, circular materials and classical designs in recent years are used to showcase the spirits and cultural contents of Taiwanese design, i.e. Resource Integration, Social Application, and Response to the Times. The concept “Fictional Garden” is utilized in the space to manifest the rich fruits of the cultural freedom and blossoming designs in Taiwan. Furthermore, the exclusive scent of Taoyuan International Airport that represents Taiwan is fused in the experience, so as to break free from the spatial limit, offering love and blessings to each other in this feast of Fictional Garden with the hope of our next encounter.
Kyoto Tour
Time: 10.23 (Sat) -11.07 (Sun) 10:00-18:00 GMT+9
Venue: The Terminal KYOTO
Address: 424 Iwatoyamacho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto
JOEFANGSTUDIO, photo © James Hsuzoom icon
JOEFANGSTUDIO, photo © James Hsu
Chialing CHANG, photo © James Hsuzoom icon
Chialing CHANG, photo © James Hsu
PiliWu-Design, photo © James Hsuzoom icon
PiliWu-Design, photo © James Hsu
LIAO Hao-Jhe, photo © James Hsuzoom icon
LIAO Hao-Jhe, photo © James Hsu
Mia LIU, photo © James Hsuzoom icon
Mia LIU, photo © James Hsu
AN YEN, photo © James Hsuzoom icon
AN YEN, photo © James Hsu
ANGUS CHIANG, photo © James Hsuzoom icon
ANGUS CHIANG, photo © James Hsu
Melted potato, photo © James Hsuzoom icon
Melted potato, photo © James Hsu
Tainan Kuang-Tsai Embroidery shop, photo © James Hsuzoom icon
Tainan Kuang-Tsai Embroidery shop, photo © James Hsu
photo © James Hsuzoom icon
photo © James Hsu
photo © James Hsuzoom icon
photo © James Hsu
photo © James Hsuzoom icon
photo © James Hsu
photo © James Hsuzoom icon
photo © James Hsu
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Taiwan Design Research Institute is an integrated platform that drives the development of Taiwan’s creative industry. Its main missions are to enhance the creativity of design talents, promote industrial innovation, accelerate the development of design policy, encourage public service design and social innovation design, and promote design diplomacy. It has successfully established an excellent image of "Design in Taiwan" after a long term of dedicated promotion and will continue to improve Taiwan’s competitive edge on the global stage, foster sustainable social and industrial development, and enhance people’s lifestyle through design-driven innovation.
Plan b
Plan b
Plan b Inc. is a consulting firm practicing Sustainable Development as its working mindset. For years, it has provided various solutions for clients from a wide range of industries across the globe. The company is divided into Plan b, which provides planning services, and Plan c, which offers placemaking services.
Double-Grass International Co. was established in 2012, publishing articles that relate to science and art in online media with the motto "providing inspirations and motivating originality." Recently, it has been involved in organizing exhibitions and inspirational events as it digs for deeper narratives while building a network of experts from various fields. Double-Grass focuses on curating art and design exhibitions, running events, and managing spatial resources.
Implemented | Taiwan Design and Research Institute
Co-organized | Japan Institute of Design Promotion
Curation | Plan b, Double-Grass
Advisor | method inc.
Space layout | LANDHILLS
Exhibitors (in alphabetical order) | AN YEN, ANGUS CHIANG, Chialing CHANG, LIAO Hao-Jhe, JOEFANGSTUDIO, Mia LIU, Melted potato, PiliWu-Design
Company Exhibitors (in alphabetical order) | allrover, Aaron Nieh Workshop, CMP PUJEN FOUNDATION FOR ARTS AND CULTURE, Dot Design Co., Ltd., Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation, MINIWIZ Co. Ltd., Hair O'right International Corporation, PDIS, Plan b, Taiwan Design Research Institute
Scent Design | P.Seven
Cooperators | Spring Pool Glass, Tainan Kuang-Tsai Embroidery shop, RONG-FENG Precise Casting Co., Ltd.
Special thanks | WU Ting-An, CHENG Chen-Shih, CHANG Yen-Lun, HUNG Chih-Han, JHOU Tian-Song, HONG Can-He, ZENG Huan-Jhen, JIANG Yi-Fu, LIN Yu-Min, CHIU Ji-Wei, CHEN Yu-Ming, LI Ying-Ting, YANG Zih-Shan, LIOU Jia-Hao